Pastoral Care

Il·lusions has three principles to carry out their work:

  • Respect the dignity of the child.
  • Respect the dignity of our professionals.
  • Innovation in our work.

Our commitment is not only to teach the children only. We attend as well trainings, symposiums and conferences to excel in our job; our aim is to learn the best practices. And we also help to guide all the parents who need it through our parents ‘school.

We think those three areas (education, training and parents ‘school) united are the best mix in order to make the most of the kids. Together -parents and teachers- can help to raise every child in a way they can be themselves, learning at their pace and keeping their motivations and needs of every age group.


To see the children grow in a safe environment whilst being loved and motivated. At the same time, their self-esteem and development is nurtured. This is our main objective.
The difference we provide can be summed up in the words of the educator Raquel Cohen:
“A child is not a cup that needs to be filled – but rather a light to be illuminated”


Our methodology doesn’t follow a pattern defined by any specific theory. The children at Il·lusions experiment, manipulate, observe, discover and are motivated. They receive a response to all the questions that may arise from their curiosity. We consider each one’s  proposal for stimulating a child’s development to be valid.

Our curriculum project deals at length with this subject.