Are we aware of how our society has changed in recent years? Beyond technological advances, we have experienced a revolution in diversity: immigration, new family models or the integration of people with functional diversity, to put just a few examples of situations that during childhood had a treatment, and sometimes a Acceptance, very different from today. The next generations are going to start from this base, and surely the new realities will continue to live, which makes it necessary to give our sons and daughters new skills to adapt to these changes.

Everyone, as parents, is aware of the importance of the physical, psychological, social and emotional development of our children from the moment of birth.

The beginning in a Children’s Center is a milestone in the life of our children, which will not only promote the development of these aspects, but also the learning of how we integrate with each other, an aspect of great importance to know how to develop in a World where cultural and social diversity predominates and enriches us.

The foundations for greater equality are settled in early childhood. There is sufficient evidence regarding the benefits that education has in the first years of life for human development, and its preventive and equalizing aspects.

Attending to diversity from an inclusive approach is therefore a task for all educational agents (family, teachers and our children) putting value in recognition, respect, communication and learning for everything that makes us different. Yes, we are different, and only insofar as we educate ourselves constructively, recognizing our differences, we can feel the same.

Therefore, greater social integration is necessary, but not exclusively. It’s necessary to ensure full participation in education, for which children should not be discriminated against on grounds of origin, sex or ability.

Let us work on the values for integration in education as a means to move towards greater equity and the further development of more inclusive and fairer societies.

Gemma Gutiérrez Moreno.

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