Il·lusions Castelldefels


Situated in a nice and residential area in Castelldefels, Montemar,the nursery has 2100 squared meters which 1350 squared meters are recreation area and the rest is the building.
Classrooms are adapted to the needs of each age and all the rooms are designed for the children. We also have our own kitchen, gym for kids, etc as well as 3 patios, one for babies, one patio from 15 to 24 years old toddlers and one for 2/3 years old kids.

Nursery will be opened from 7.00 till 18.00; from Monday to Friday. August remains closed.

Morning from 8.50 till 13.00, afternoon from 15.10 till 17.00. From 09.30 parents can ́t go with the kids to the classroom door.
Afternoon from 15.10 till 17.00.
For any extra service such an extra hour or occasional meal, a receipt will be issued and signed for each service.

  • It is of extreme importance that schedules are strictly respected. In the morning, the school opens at 08.50 till 09.30 for parents to bring the children to their classes doors.
  • All clothes must be identified with the child ́s name, be comfortable handy. The coat should have a little strap attached to hang it easily. The school sport suit must be worn for camps, trips and going to the swimming pool.
  • If you want to have an appointment with the teacher or the head mistress, please apply in advance. Should it be an emergency, you will be received immediately.
  • If you don’t authorize your child for the school trips, he can ‘t come that day as the teachers and assistants would be in the trip. This doesn ‘t apply to camps and children who don ́t take part in them, can come to school.
  • No child will be given to anyone we don’t know. Should this be please contact the school.
  • As per labor agreement of the educational sector, there are 10 extra days off that will be announced during September. They will published in the school web for your information.
  • All belongings must be marked with the child’s name.

  • 10 monthly payments will be made from from September till June. July is not compulsory.
  • The joining fee should be paid in cash when the application would be confirmed and will not be returned if the child does not start the classes.
  • If a child joins the school after the classes have started, only the proportional part of the joiniung fee will be paid.
  • Standing orders will be made in advance every month between the the 1st and 5th . Should the payment be declined by the bank, any cost caused will be charged.
  • Lf the child can ́t assist to school due to parents holidays or disease, payments will still be made. However, there is a special maintenance fee for this ocasion.
  • If the child leaves the school permanently, his place could be occupied by another child.
  • Ocasional meals will be charged in the same day at the school office.
  • Extra hours are those: from 07.00 to 09.00, from 13.00 to 15.00 ( if the child doesn’t stay for lunch), and after 17.00.
  • Field trips should be paid in the office. Information will always be given 15 days in advance, normally via e-mail.
  • The fist year your child joins the school, a free backpack will be given to you during the first meeting.
  • When the child is 14 months old, school overall, t-shirt and sport suit is compulsory and should be purchased in the office.
  • Any change in monthly payments should be advised the the office at least 1 week before the end of the month
  • In “Infantil-2”, we work with commercialized materials which you will be informed of during the first meeting.
  • We inform you that the school accepts “Ticket Guarderia”. They are an incentive that self-employed and business can apply for as to obtain tax benefits in Seguridad Social and I.R.P.F. payments.

  • No child will be accepted without the doctor ́s vaccination.
  • Any child that will not be able to come to school due to infectious or communicable disease, will need a paediatrician to certify that he can rejoin the school and his school mates.
  • No child will be accepted if suffering from fever, conjunctivitis, recurrent diarrhoea or rashes. If suffering high temperature, he should stay at home and will not be accepted until fever has disappeared and no anti-thermic medicines are required.
  • If during the school period your child needs any medicine, a doctor prescription should be provided. No medicine will be given to the child without the prescription. In the outside of the medicine box you should write tha name of the child, dosis, at what time to administer it and if the medicine needs to be kept in the fridge..
  • Children are not allowed to bring dangerous items such as coins, marbles or any small pieces.
  • It is very convenient that children don ́t bring to school their own as they are likely to cause conflicts with others. Please do not confront the teacher shoud they take any toy off the child or give it back.
  • The overall must be worn clean everyday.
  • Bibs and bed sheets belong to the school and we will be in charge of cleaning them in our laundry as to help avoiding oversights.
  • The school uses bottled water for the kids to drink along the day so there is no need from you to bring it from home.

Personnal use items and toiletries
Full set of spare clothes: Underwear, t- shirt, socks, Wet towels, Pacifier in its box and with a strap, Diapers and cream, Spare jacket during the colder months.
4 ID size pictures.