Il·lusions Gavà was born in 1980. In 1999, after 19 years of successful teaching in Gavà, the nursery opened another branch in Castelldefels.

Despite the buildings are different, both nurseries have the same educational, human and professional guidelines and goals. The nurseries have continued to offer a high quality of care for its babies and toddlers from 4 months old.

We have over 34 years experience and we offer:

  • We are open from early September to late July, a month and a half more per year than most nurseries.
  • We have extended hours: from 7am to 18pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Service hours / overtime allowances for specific days and emergencies.
  • Workshops aimed at families to help children grow in a unified environment.
  • Psychology and emotional therapy services care for families.
  • Special attention and psycho-motor development.
  • Curriculum Project worked under the theory of multiple intelligences to promote motivation in each kid.
  • Our educational practise includes Catalan, Spanish and English learning in a natural way.
  • Classes are adapted to babies and toddlers and there are designated outdoor space to each age.
  • We have our own kitchen staff. We prepare food according to the needs of the children. We don’t buy pre-cooked meals.

* Due to children protection laws and company policy we are not showing faces of our babies/toddlers on our website.
Gava: Authorization D.O.G. .: No. 4093 – 17/03/2004
Castelldefels: Authorization D.O.G. .: No. 3064 – 26/01/2000

Escola Castelldefels